Carrie Fisher: Less Of Her To Love

Aug 21, 2011People We Lerve

Carrie Fishere looks fabulous.

Carrie Fisher has had a “big, loud life”. Well, not anymore. Yesterday Carrie achieved her goal of losing 50 pounds, thanks to Jenny Craig. Here she is in all her glory looking like she did twenty years ago, when we first met. As an ex-fatty, I know too well the trials and tribulations of having to lose a third of your body weight. In my junior year of high school I dropped 60 pounds on the Dr. Atkins Diet. So, when Carrie set out to take back her life and her youthful figure, it was a joy to cheer-lead her through the greatest challenge of all. Yes, she has had some tough circumstances to deal with, demons to battle, hell to pay. But, no matter how you slice it, taking on life on life’s terms, is the greatest gift of all, especially when you succeed. I’d like to quote Billy Crystal and say, You lookmahvelous!”

This interview was done just before Carrie started her diet. It’s a goodie.



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