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Dan Black, “Yours”

httpv:// FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—- New York, New York (September 9, 2010) – Dan Black, Paris-based, electro-pop singer with Universal Music and current two time VMA nominee, was chosen to film a fashion/music video for designer Paul La Fontaine. The new menswear collection launched this week in New York features updated traditional separates. Producer, Abe Gurko selected Dan Black to be featured in the video “is not a commercial nor an artwork nor a fashion shoot nor a music video, but a hybrid of all four — an exercise in content creation that is designed to summon up that most elusive… Read More »

It is not often that I toot my own horn about the work work that I do for ABE NYC, INC. But every so often, there comes a serendipitous moment where the stars align and the pieces of the fashion puzzle come together in perfect harmony. And speaking of harmony, please click on the image and read the piece in today’s about my current project with Dan Black and Paul La Fontaine. Will be finishing the edit and posting the video this week. Please stay tuned.… Read More »

Mazdack Rassi Chats With IMW-TV

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IMW-TV Goes To LeBook

httpv:// Here’s an informative look as to where the business of imagery is going. I set up camp at LeBook Connections this season to ask the industry leaders where they though moving images versus print was headed. There were several riveting conversations, and all of which meant that things are ever changing…yet, somehow staying the same. You decide for yourself. Produced by Image Loading for IMW-TV.… Read More »

“Testify” By Carney featuring Reeve Carney

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Lindsay Lohan: Behind The Scenes @ Marc Ecko

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My Guru, Patricia Moreno

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Dan Black, “Yours”

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Lindsay Lohan’s Last Photo Shoot

I MEAN…WHAT?!? was on set at the recent photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan shot by Markus Klinko & Indrani, styled by GK Reid, produced by Jorge Perez. They are all part of the new Bravo-TV show, Double Exposure, that is set to finally air on June 15. Should be a hoot as each episode is a different celebrity photo shoot and all the Bravo-type drama that ensues. Lindsay was the consummate professional on this set and gave it her all. httpv://… Read More »

Mary Alice Stephenson: From The Red Carpet To Her Closet

I want to be Mary Alice Stephenson when I come back to Earth in my next life. Tall, blond, female, smart, beautiful, industrious, glamorous…need I say more? Either I want to be just like her or a French poodle in a Jewish household on Long Island. Both lives are charmed. I met Mary Alice at a fund-raising event…you see…she is perfect…and we have since kept in touch. Recently, we both were speaking on a panel about the future of the fashion industry. There she was, clad in red Calvin Klein fierceness. I mentioned interviewing her for IMW-TV, though at that… Read More »