Lindsay Lohan’s Last Photo Shoot

May 20, 2010Fashion

Are these two the new hot item? A very hot combo indeed. What will Sam Ronson say?

I MEAN…WHAT?!? was on set at the recent photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan shot by Markus Klinko & Indrani, styled by GK Reid, produced by Jorge Perez. They are all part of the new Bravo-TV show, Double Exposure, that is set to finally air on June 15. Should be a hoot as each episode is a different celebrity photo shoot and all the Bravo-type drama that ensues. Lindsay was the consummate professional on this set and gave it her all.


Lindsay as Super Hero.

9 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan’s Last Photo Shoot”

  1. Darius says:

    This is Indrani /Lindsay in an affair since the fall is all obvious PR spin. It looks a little weird when the lohan has been melting down almost weekly over that ronson chick and turning up everywhere she Dj's in LA. Unless Indrani like a gf who is still yearning in interviews for their ex?

  2. rashid says:

    Nice Pics of Lohan. Don't believe this story at all though. Seems like a publicity stunt.

  3. tiger says:

    Agree with the above.
    The ny post story sounds like total bullshit!

    The only reason Indrani is coming out with this crap is because she is going to have the show with her ex Klinko on Bravo. Just a media AW trying to promote her show.

    I also have to say that if these people were GOOD girlfriend/friend they wouldn't feel the need to come out to the press with stuff before Lindsay does.. whether they are saying good things or not.
    It's bad enough her father can't keep his fucking mouth shut when it comes to the media.. it's nice to see that these people apparently can't either.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why it seems EVERYONE around this girl feels the need to talk to the press about every little detail of her life.

    I think you guys are complicit in this with the hawking of this story.
    Its sad to see how Lohan is being used be people for publicity.
    She once used to be a very talented actress who was respected for her talent all this vacant quest for publicity has totally destroyed her cred.

  4. Anonymus says:

    This is not true.
    Indrani gave the pic and info to Page Six on Monday and Lindsay commented in the paper on Tuesday that the information is absolutely untrue.

  5. John says:

    That outfit is fantastic. Who's it by?

  6. 1992 says:

    I preferred the screencap of them smiling…it was so cute. I love her smile when she pulls Indrani in. Very cute.

  7. Elle says:

    I agree that this is not appropriate — Lohan deserves better than this nonsense (I hope she did not agree to it, though I suppose it's possible). The new Bravo show is not just about Indrani and her ex, Markus, but also about her current partner/husband GK, and they are doing very well — just fine, in fact. It is quite yucky to see this faux-titty-show used everywhere to raise interest, not to mention sensational and trivializing and irksome to anyone with respect for the gay community.

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