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There is a heartwarming article in The New York Times Style section today about sober living at summer shares at the beach. It surely is admirable, I couldn’t do it. Give me the caw of a seagull and I need to order a Planter’s Punch…stat. I’ve dabbled in sobriety and have been known to say,” I used to be friends with Bill…” Anyhoo, to support these guys taking the healthy step to be sober and have a life…I give them a few steps to add to their already 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.: The Other Steps of Fire Island We… Read More »

Kernels of Dish (Tuesday)

httpv:// Kylie’s new video…what do you think? I am feeling Fire Island Morning Party. Fergie, Fergie, Ferige. Yowza McGee. – D LISTED Liz Taylor is sharing her private letters from Richard Burton with Vanity Fair. A far improvement to the current gay porn cover. – HUFFINGTON POST Cathy Horyn laments that there are no more Tom Fords laying around. – NY MAGAZINE… Read More »

You know when you get to a website that says “Under Construction”? Well, it is kind of like that today as I return from Camp (and – mean camp) Gitchya-Gitchya Ya-Ya. It was fun while it lasted and alas, back to reality a.k.a. full on fashion week nonsense. See you manana or later.… Read More »

Being amongst a collection of collagenous junkies out here in Fire Island, where an arrogant puss is as common as sand, it got me to thinking about arrogance in general. Lord knows gays have not cornered the market on that lovely trait, but oh, how they try. Today’s news featured a few arrogant twits. All of them suffering from that terminal illness of believing their own press. And they all have something else in common: flared nostrils, slightly turned up as though they are smelling week-old fish left in the fridge. That is sooo the look of arrogance. Here now… Read More »

Officially, I am taking this long weekend to sit quietly and contemplate my navel. Having been invited to the beach on Long Island, it seemed like a great idea. Several weeks ago I did a piece listing the 12 reasons why I was not gay anymore, homosexual yes, gay no. Surely there are more reasons that I chose to omit from that list, but now, sitting here at the Bay Cafe in Fire Island Pines, the list grows…by the minute. Let me start by saying that I have not been out here to the Pines in over 20 years. My… Read More »