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The happy couple.

Congratulations Michael Kors and his soon be be spouse, Lance LePere. Lord knows I wish all gays happily ever after my hope is that gay marriage statistics kicks straight marriage in the ass. This year, up to 50% of straight marriages will end in divorce. So gays? Listen up. Stay put. Otherwise, this is my feeling of gay marriage now that it is official in New York. Look, if Iowa can get the gay marriage thing together, so, indeed, should every state in the union. And that includes Minnesota, where Michelle and Marcus Bachmann have proven that gay weddings do… Read More »

Who says that I Mean…What?!? wouldn’t lead to major things? Actually, several great opportunities have come my way, mostly writing gigs, which has officially become my mid-life career. Hey it’s sure beats the mid-life crisis…trust me. One of the gigs is writing articles for a just-launched website catering to the newly divorced set called Divorce Candy. Though not newly divorced, rather, I was in an eleven-year relationship that ended about three or so years ago, rendering me a good enough candidate to speak on the topics at hand. Since I am as opinionated as hell in matters of style and… Read More »

It’s time for me to chime in on this gay marriage issue. Clearly I am not an opponent nor am I a proponent either. I’m from the school of “live and let live”, so if two gay people want to get married…by all means, make it legal in every state, you have my blessing. I think you’re nuts…but go right ahead. The notion of marriage has always seems a bit archaic to me, straight, gay or otherwise. Monogamy is a challenging notion that defies gravity: that which is forbidden becomes obsession. Yes, there are those lovely exceptions; couples that are… Read More »