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We mourn, therefore we are.

We are a mournful bunch. We sob uncontrollably at certain people’s deaths with true conviction. Each death, be it a mogul or a celebrity or a nobody for that matter, is a sad day indeed, especially for those left behind. But in light of some of the recent nationwide mourning-fests, I wanted to stop, pause and mourn the mourning. When Steve Jobs died this week, and the outpouring of sadness began pouring onto Facebook, my immediate reaction was, “Yes he was a visionary, only too bad he didn’t make a commitment to the United States and keep as much production… Read More »

Real Housewives of Saks Fifth Avenue…Yikes. – GAWKER Vera Wang to bring bridezillas to the masses. – NY MAGAZINE Oprah says FOTZ! – PEOPLE Save Kate? Is George Lopez searching for ratings now that he is getting bounced to midnight from Conan O’Brien? Save Kate Gosselin? From herself.  – JUST JARED PETA is freaked about the way Kim Kardashian is holding this cat. Oy, what was she thinking? – D LISTED… Read More »

Style Tip: Bedazzle Your Hoo-Ha

There’s new trend that is all the rage…well…maybe not the rage…but important enough for Jennifer Love Hewitt and some random blogger, Bryce Gruber, The Luxury Spot to do…are you ready? Bedazzle Your Boobs and Crystallize Your Cooch. Yes, we have evolved from the Brazilian to the Marilyn Monroe, ‘Cause Diamonds…Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Anyhoo, no, I am not making this up. It is called Vajazzling. It’s simple: you shave your nether region and then glue on Swarovski crystals in elegant shapes. Well, surely you don’t want to do something quirky down there like the head of Mickey Mouse. That… Read More »