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Arguably one of the coolest women in Hollywood.

When asked what charity Juliette Lewis would like to highlight on the new, improved I Mean What, Musicares was top of mind. … Read More »

Marianne Faithful.

MARIANNE FAITHFULL: I have had this recurring dream that I am in a dark wooded forest with dripping trees and I am walking up a hill, like I am going into battle. I am a foot soldier walking in the midst of this scene.
ABE GURKO: What are you wearing?… Read More »

The Isaac Mizrahi Interview

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It’s odd not seeing Fern at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but then again, I had issues adjusting to the second Darrin Stevens on Bewitched. Guess we all have to just move on. … Read More »

Miss J and I Shoot The Breeze

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We have had more Lindsay Lohan court appearance outfits than episodes of  Jersey Shore. If MTV would piece together the amount of footage and hearsay related to Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances, they would have a Roots-long docu-drama that would garner endless ratings because whether you love her or a hater…Lindsay Lohan is fascinating. Quite honestly, Lindsay should have taken my advice as mentioned in Crushable, when asked how she should handle her post jail comeback. But what do I know? FROM CRUSHABLE: As for her post-prison plans, Abe advised her to keep a low profile, attend theater classes or maybe… Read More »

So someone Tweeted that Owen Wilson died today in Switzerland of an accident on a ski slope while snowboarding. We heard the news, went to the internet only to find out that it is not true. So is this what Twitter is good for now? Inaccurately declaring the death of actors? Like it isn’t bad enough that we have been reduced to 140 characters to communicate, now it’s the way to spread evil viscous lies? Let me tell you something, one of these days, someone will really get hurt as a result of some sick fuck who gets a kick… Read More »

My Favorite Native New Yorker, Dani Stahl

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This is my meager attempt to thank God it’s Friday. Though I have sworn years ago to never actually say, “Thank God it’s Friday” because it makes me feel as though I have been reduced to thanking God it’s Friday. It makes sense to me. Anyhoo…I am thanking God it’s Friday by introducing you to Alfie…my new Chihuahua. He will be Woodstock’s new BFF….ultimately. Have a great weekend.… Read More »

Dan Black, “Yours”

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