Fern Mallis Honored By Pratt Institute

Apr 26, 2011IMW-TV

The fashion industry and Pratt Institute will honor Fern Mallis with a Lifetime Achievement Award tonight. Just wanted to give her a shout out and wish her the best, ’cause we lerve Fern. It’s odd not seeing Fern at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but then again, I had issues adjusting to the second Darrin Stevens on Bewitched. Guess we all have to just move on. Calvin Klein is giving her the award and I am sure the press will be asking him about that twinkie, Nick Gruber, who is apparently off to rehab for being a cross-addicted twinkie.

Calvin Klein will give Fern Mallis the Lifetime Achievement Award at Pratt Institute.

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  1. FNO lover says:

    Abe – your first interview with fern m. is so strong!! congratulations, this is a very wonderful and exciting edition to imw!! we love you. xx annie and emmyg

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