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If this creature can become a fitness guru, surely I can too.

 CHAPTER 6 – PART 1  THE FITNESS GURU? Losing a human being can be an exhilarating experience. Not an actual person such as a lover, friend or family member; that tends to be a sad affair, though not always. Losing enough excess fat that amounts to the weight of an entire human being, now that’s exhilarating. Such a loss—a person’s worth of blubber—referenced here, was something Abe Gurko was fortunate enough to experience. He attributed the unwanted amount of fat that he’d gained throughout his childhood to having been stuffed to the gills by an overly Jewish mother who survived… Read More »

There are stories swirling via the internet, Twitter, Hot Topics, bla bla bla, and yes here too. But not because, “Oooh…this story is amazing dish”. Rather, because it is shocking that people give a hoot about the following stories. Starting with The Bachelor. Anyone that couldn’t see through that ridiculous shit-eating grin of Jake Pavelka‘s is insane. His “poor me”, starry-eyed, Joker-face complete with crocodile tears was cringe-worthy. And when he chose that skank Vienna Girardi, well, at that point who cared what happened to either of them. And to find out they split up? Gee…now there’s an unexpected twist.… Read More »

Can you name the Bette Davis movie where she says, “What a dump” before I count to ten? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. You got it? OK, you win. The first three people to email me the correct answer to will receive an I MEAN WHAT?!? trucker hat. Anyhoo, I am way off on a tangent. I went house hunting on Sunday in Los Angeles with a friend who is ready to plunk down $1.5 million dollars on a house. OK…to some, it’s like nothing. But to many, it’s plenty. We saw some lovely, lovely homes. A cool, four bedroom beauty, with original… Read More »

It’s astonishing how unimportant Los Angeles Fashion Week is when you think about Hollywood once ruled, and how Adrian, Edith Head and Orry-Kelly and many others were major influences. Somehow, the Los Angeles fashion scene fell short and all the other major fashion cities excluding Madrid reference Old Hollywood all the time, as in the case of John Galliano’s amazing Spring 10 collection. By the time the last dress sashays down the runway in Paris, nobody wants to see another dress…like ever again…at least not until next season. But alas, there’s Los Angeles Fashion Week-let. And a sad little market… Read More »

This Virgin America thing is amazing. I am blogging from outer space? I mean…what? For an email-aholic this is bliss. Anyhoo, off to Los Angeles, where I used to live for many years and happy to be going  back for a week to work and play. It always amazes me when New Yorkers have such strong feelings about how horrible Los Angeles is. “It’s so superficial, it’s so plastic, it’s so hard to get around, I hate driving.” On and on. If you don’t like driving, I can forgive you that, but don’t ever let me catch you behind the… Read More »