Russian Spies, The Bachelor and Lindsay Lohan…Yikes!

Jul 1, 2010Breaking Newzzz

The Last Five Minutes of Jake and Vienna. Bye....

There are stories swirling via the internet, Twitter, Hot Topics, bla bla bla, and yes here too. But not because, “Oooh…this story is amazing dish”. Rather, because it is shocking that people give a hoot about the following stories. Starting with The Bachelor. Anyone that couldn’t see through that ridiculous shit-eating grin of Jake Pavelka‘s is insane. His “poor me”, starry-eyed, Joker-face complete with crocodile tears was cringe-worthy. And when he chose that skank Vienna Girardi, well, at that point who cared what happened to either of them. And to find out they split up? Gee…now there’s an unexpected twist. Goodbye and good riddance. Surely we can expect to see them at the next Axe Body Spray event this summer.

Move over baseball. Suing Lindsay Lohan has become our national pastime.

Next up: Lindsay Lohan being sued. Snore. Seems like anyone that has so much as served her a beverage is getting in line to concoct some sort of press scam. Newest stunt is from Church Boutique in West Hollywood, claiming she owes them $16,000 bucks. Well, how did that even happen? If they were less star struck they would never let her walk out the door without paying for that crap. And if they are such bad business people…well…the bucks stops with you guys.

Could the timing of Salt be any more coincidental than with the whole Russian spy saga?

And finally, this whole Russian Spy saga. I am still trying to figure out if this isn’t just a brilliant publicity stunt set off by the Columbia Pictures in an effort to promote SALT, starring Angelina Jolie. really, I read through the articles and thoroughly confused. So, these people are sending some kind of info to “Moscow Central“. What is that anyway? When I Googled it, all that came up was the Moscow Central School of Music…in Los Angeles. Used to be that the Kremlin was the Big, Bad Wolf. What…now, it is some kind of music school in LA? oooh…scary. Somebody please walk me through the Russian spy hullabaloo. Because as I see it, Russian supermodels have infiltrated our U.S. modeling industry so if anyone should be bent out of shape…it is all the young girls from Small Town, USA.


Hmmm…maybe I am a Russian spy, too.

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