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Last night, Bryan Bantry invited me to the special screening of Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the documentary film, directed by Kenny Ortega, based on “the making of the” This Is It Tour. “It is a must see.” Around the time of Michael’s’ passing, rumors swirled that he was in no condition to do 50 shows and endless other horrendous stories therein. With the non-stop, 24-hour-all-Michael-all-the-time, barrage of media reporting on his condition, from the pundits, people-out-of-the-woodwork, past employees, doctors and even his family members, you just didn’t know who to believe…until now. The reason to see this film (besides… Read More »

My usual routine is to brew a pot of coffee, read the headlines online and determine what’s my story of the day…then start writing. Somehow nothing struck my fancy. Sure, there is the health care issue (debacle) that is exploding in our faces. The fact that right wing fringe lunatics are leading the charge and changing the dynamic of getting universal health care is heartbreaking. But not shocking. And that Sarah Palin still gets this much airtime? Well, it’s all just wrong. In an effort to shake the Glenn Becks out of my head, I perused the gossip websites only… Read More »

Pack your bags kids. It is time to move off this continent and go to a place, any place in this world, where you will be safe from the prying, vomitous eyes of the media that gives us the endless stories about wanna-bes, never was-es, and nobodies galore. Today I have read a story that has made me so nauseous, that I am beside myself. Let me just list the cast of characters in this item and surely you will agree and run to start packing. Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan, Jill Zarin. Should I stop now? And wait, this trifecta… Read More »

Are you people nuts? Sarah Palin resigned. That is the good news. What’s with the judgments and criticisms? It’s further proof that we, as a nation, consistently look a gift horse in the mouth, or, bite the hand that feeds us, whichever of those expressions apply. She’s a nut bag, she resigned, now can we please get back to which suit Michael Jackson will wear to his grave? The thing that no one really wants to say here is that Sarah Palin is beyond brilliant. Beautiful and smart. Oh, yes smart…as a whip. Not in a bookish way. But in… Read More »

Excuse me…but…can we please, at least, begin to move on from this Michael Jackson Celebrity Death Match? I know, it’s sad. Death as a concept is sad. Yes, I believe in the after-life, but that doesn’t mean I want to get there any sooner than need be. So, for now, death is still sad. But I think it is time to move on. Ok, day 1, the shock. I get it, lots of news. Day 2, details emerge, some stories abound. Day 3, the family speaks. I remember when my father died, also at 50 years of age, I couldn’t… Read More »

Just about everyone on Earth has been affected by Michael Jackson…somehow. Whether it’s your fondest musical memories, your endless, desperate, unsuccessful attempts to do the “moonwalk”, singing songs from Thriller in the shower to test your vocal chops or dancing in the mirror, alone in your room, grabbing your crotch. Michael Jackson is there, in your system, in your heart, and surely everywhere in the pop culture vernacular. We all adored him until we began to despise him. Reading all the reports, headlines, glowing life stories, endless news coverage of the late, great King of Pop, I could not help… Read More »

Although I am on a quasi-vacation, this ditty caught my eye so I wanted to share the horrendosity of it all. Posh Spice’s handbag collection is worth $2,000,000. Like I care to know this? This is news? That she needs 100 Birkin bags speaks to a much larger story of neediness and self-absorption. How Beckham deals with this is a bit of a mystery to me. Seems like Guy Richie had enough of the Madonna overkill and set himself free. But, hey, who am I to judge what goes on behind closed doors. If I were the Beckhams, I’d much… Read More »

Now I’ve heard everything; indirectly comparing Madonna to Michael Jackson about her obsession with children. I kid you not, and I quote: “The children of the world are not safe, as long as Madonna’s midlife crisis rages unchecked.” This is from an article written by Andrea Peyser, the horrendous Republican that writes for the New York Post. (Granted, I should not read that rag, but Page Six…come on.)  Peyser continues to rip Madonna a new asshole for wanting to go to Africa and adopt another child, this time a little three-year-old girl named Mercy.  Excuse me, Andrea dear, but the… Read More »