The Convoluted Life and Death of Michael Jackson

Jun 26, 2009Breaking Newzzz
This is the turning point for Michael Jackson. From there on it was all systems go.

This was the turning point for Michael Jackson. From here on things went awry. Rest in Peace.

Just about everyone on Earth has been affected by Michael Jackson…somehow. Whether it’s your fondest musical memories, your endless, desperate, unsuccessful attempts to do the “moonwalk”, singing songs from Thriller in the shower to test your vocal chops or dancing in the mirror, alone in your room, grabbing your crotch. Michael Jackson is there, in your system, in your heart, and surely everywhere in the pop culture vernacular. We all adored him until we began to despise him. Reading all the reports, headlines, glowing life stories, endless news coverage of the late, great King of Pop, I could not help cringing from the hypocrisy of the media, because it was the hounding, vindictive press that killed him…really. He complained about the press and their insulting headlines to Barbara Walters in an interview years ago, just after Lady Diana’s death. With all the court cases, the innuendo and the shroud of darkness around his skin bleaching, cosmetic surgeries, sexual advances, marriages and veiled children, Michael was vilified, castrated and tormented by the press. He never recovered and it killed him. Surely it killed off his ego, as frail as that seemed. That in a nutshell is what caused his drug addiction to pain medication. An addiction so fierce, it made Liz Taylor’s and Elvis’ drug ritual seem tame. To say nothing of what a lightweight that made me…which is quite a feat…considering my 70’s and 80’s…heck, 90’s too.

We all know first hand how painful it is when we are heartbroken. When we lose the person that we are so desperately in love with…that causes a huge pang in our chest when we see them or even think about them…that we can’t eat or sleep over…and that makes us feel whole. It is when they are not there anymore, that the void becomes crushingly painful. That is the level of pain that Michael Jackson must have felt when his innocence was stripped away, ramshackled and ripped apart by the media. He was always guilty first, wacko second and not human third. How would you feel? I have my outrageous stories about Michael, but it’s too soon to tell. But I am sure that out of the woodwork will come story after story by thrill seekers and money grubbers and the friggen media will be there…nailing the coffin shut…banging away with salacious gossip and heresay, because this is the kind of story that sells newspapers. You know, those pieces of paper that are getting thinner and thinner. It’s also a good way for those bloviators on cable television to get their moment back in the sun, as the loss of the Gloved One is the biggest story since the Big O…Barak Obama.

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  1. vivian says:

    Michael Jackson was such a tragic sad mad genius and I just could never believe any of the child molestation charges against him. What a heartbreaking loss and I hope his children will find a good life with family who truly love them. Soon the news media will let us know what his family doctor injected him with that caused his heart to stop beating. More fodder for the blovies.

  2. Savona says:

    Someone shared how a piece of their childhood had died with Michael Jackson. I know how they feel. He played such an important role in people's lives. But to respond to the comments made, I think we have to turn off the attention to some degree that we give to celebrities so that they can live normal lives. For some, they don't know how to manage their lives because they come from such broken families. We expect too much sometimes. And so, I hope we will focus on this wonderful giant, a musical genius and learn how to better nurture talented yet fragile people.

  3. sally knauer says:

    i loved micheal jackson very much i grew up with his music i have his cd;s with music and books about him in my spare bed room he will always be in my heart rip micheal love you sally knauer

  4. kerstboomweg says:

    Thanks for this nice post!

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