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Bring me back to these times.

Something strange is happening in the denim business that’s affecting my desire to even wear jeans. Denim is so over-exposed that it’s begun to lose its fresh, fashionable appeal. A tight-fitting pair of jeans has — and always will — look very sexy on the right butt. But lately, more people than not are:

A. Not very sexy.
B. Wearing an unflattering cut.
C. Sporting a tragic wash reminiscent of the ’80s, worn by Guidos and Guidettes and making it all wrong… again.… Read More »

Nothing brings me more joy that the lovely notes and requests for answers that I receive directly into my mailbox. I’ve been the go-to person for “matters of the heart” and “what to” or “what not to wear” my whole life and fielding your requests is in line with what I do best. Please keep those cards and letters coming. Hi Abe, How come you didn’t do an I Mean…What?!? on Barack Obama’s “mom jeans”? Surely I though you would have jumped all over that. Maureen Dear Maureen, I thought about that plenty. But the reason I passed on it… Read More »