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When that short lived reality show High Society was on television, there was a firestorm of bad press flying around in regards to that cast. Whether it was Tinsley Mortimer or her ex-husband, Paul Johnson Calderon, Jules Kirby or Devorah Rose, they were all lambasted in the media, much for good reason. When it came to Devorah Rose, she could not cut a break, which made her the more sympathetic of the group. Page Six started the Team Devorah vs. Team Tinsley and the color war began. Some people are crowned notorious by the press and never live it down.… Read More »

Thank goodness the train wreck that is High Society is off the air for now. Sure, like any good Samaritan, I rubber necked through the short season only because it was so shockingly wrong that you couldn’t NOT stop to watch…mouth dropped wide open. The season finale was filled with a lot of sobbing and more blather and utter nonsense than in episodes past. Mainly, a long ass ad campaign for Tinsley Mortimer‘s handbag line for Samantha Thavasa. Missing from the cluster fuck was douche-bag Jules Kirby. The CW Network must have finally edited her out once and for all… Read More »

Harvey Fierstein on Grindr? Yet another reason to not sign up for these gay easy hook up things. – PEREZ HILTON The Gross Baboons are getting a reality show. Michelle Bombshell McGee and Jamie Jungers are on tap to sleep their way to the middle. – TMZ Here we have a case where Steven Seagal is a cross between Gross Baboon and a Horndogs Anonymous member. – E ONLINE… Read More »

By any chance, are you one of the 72 people that watches High Society? Isn’t it shocking how annoying Jules Kirby, Paul (wishes he was an heir to) Johnson Calderon and PrinceSS Adolf von Schtunkenberry are? And yo, Tinsley Mortimer, what’s the deal with all these phony situations? Doesn’t the CW11 realize this is as queer as a three dollar bill? That fake drama around the fake charity event could not have been more lame. It was like a fundraiser for Tinsley’s Q rating. Why am I watching this crap, you ask? So that I can report to you, my… Read More »