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The tide has turned for Sarah Palin. I recently said, “I don’t care how often Sarah Palin appears on Fox News, nor how disdainfully she speaks of our President while giving kudos to Donald “Orange” Trump for being the Birther-in-Chief, the fact remains that the wind is out of her sail and I couldn’t be happier. Michele Bachmann has stolen her thunder and she must be freaking out.” Boy, what a difference a weekend makes. That One Nation Tour Bus is kicking Michele and every Republican hopeful in the pants. Imagine the ego bloat that those two reality stars, Sarah… Read More »

Are you ready folks? The reality showdown begins. Move over Bravo and all your overly Botoxed, Nine West wearing Real Housewives of New York City, Atlanta, Orange County, Washington DC, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and where else…oh…right…No Where Special. The New York Times reports on the new show in town that is poised to take those bitches down. Geritol presents Sunset Daze, a reality show starring 900 year old women who call themselves The Hos’s. (Yikes.) Not sure what the men on this show refer to themselves as…except, maybe, just happy to be alive. Sunset Daze, set in a retirement… Read More »

There are hundreds of events going on in New York City on any particular day. Now, I am not a mathematician, alas, you should see my checkbook, but that means that thousands of events happen every year. Granted, most of these events aren’t events with notables and even less with celebrities, but we can all safely say that there is way to much crap going on that humans are obligated to attend. Agreed? I used to be a social butterfly in the late 70’s and 80’s, and thankfully I got that all out of my system. There is nothing sadder… Read More »

On several occasions I have featured The Nobody News and The Party’s Over, with stories and pictures of people you’d never want to meet. Kind of like Guest of a Guest or Hamptons Online only I was not serious. The people that those media (?) outlets feature on their party pages give new meaning to “the rags”. (I don’t care what their traffic is.) They actually legitimize the tabloids. I mean…seriously…reportage from a hagfest? Not only have we sunk to a new low on celebrity coverage, but now we have created an industry featuring people that you didn’t like in… Read More »

I have been producing events for more years than I care to admit, believe me, moss has grown plenty underfoot. In the business of fabulii, there must be pictures the next day on the internet or else you have not done the job well. Rather, you failed miserably. It’s as simple as that. Yes, there are those events that require no media attendance, like the ones I used to do when living in Los Angeles at the homes of certain celebs, and frankly, those are the best attended, celebrity wise. But outside of those exceptions, in order to prove your… Read More »

Each summer, flocks of people migrate east to The Hamptons. Like birds, they set up nests, arrange their beach wardrobes and busy themselves with all sorts of relaxing activities. Here is a typical day in the life of a Hamptonite: sit in traffic walk around ad nauseam have cocktails or dinner at whatever has been suggested by the media shop for things that otherwise would not be purchased share bedrooms with total strangers…as a living situation, not a sexual encounter congregate with people they otherwise despise desperately try to meet a mate pretend to be nice to potential mates stand… Read More »