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If this creature can become a fitness guru, surely I can too.

 CHAPTER 6 – PART 1  THE FITNESS GURU? Losing a human being can be an exhilarating experience. Not an actual person such as a lover, friend or family member; that tends to be a sad affair, though not always. Losing enough excess fat that amounts to the weight of an entire human being, now that’s exhilarating. Such a loss—a person’s worth of blubber—referenced here, was something Abe Gurko was fortunate enough to experience. He attributed the unwanted amount of fat that he’d gained throughout his childhood to having been stuffed to the gills by an overly Jewish mother who survived… Read More »

Coco Rocha and the Models That Matter.

For the most part, models have a reputation of being vapid, only into themselves and how they look. Even if it means eating tissues and Ex-Lax and drinking warm champagne. But that really is not the case. There are a group of what I call “Models That Matter“, those who actually use their position to do good deeds. Granted they are few and far between, but they do exist. Case in point, Coco Rocha. She designs a jewelry line for Senhoa where all the proceeds benefit the underprivileged. Coco’s latest effort is promoting the documentary film, Letters To Haiti that… Read More »