Not Best Dressed @ The American Ballet Theater Gala

Wendy Wendy Wendy... you are not Sofia Vergara. And what's with that cheap wig?

Johnny What Not To Weir.

I actually prefer the pajamas that Rachel Roy usually wears to these things.

Julie Macklowe should know better. She is going through a catch me, catch me phase.

That is waaayyy too much dress June Ambrose. And if you are preganat... no.

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9 Responses to “Not Best Dressed @ The American Ballet Theater Gala”

  1. SweetCaroline says:

    It's so easy for HATERS who obviously can't afford anything like these gowns to be critical…..Abe you have ZERO taste…and to even mention a woman "might" be pregnant"(June Ambrose)…absolutely NO classs…and Julie Macklowe's gown is fabulous

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Is June pregnant?

      • SweetCaroline says:

        Abe…Way to go starting nasty rumors(about June being pregnant)…obviously no one ever taught you any manners! Btw did you see WWD…they LOVED Julie Macklowe's gown……guess you were WRONG

        • Abe Gurko says:

          My dear Sweet Caroline. I don’t care what anyone says, and nor do you. And as for “starting a rumor” that is not the case. that dress made her look pregnant. and if you disagree, well, that is the good news of being an American.

          • SweetCaroline says:

            My dear Abe,
            I love the fact that we live in America- and we have freedom of speech…HOWEVER being mean spirited and hurting people's feelings just doesn't give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Didn't your mother ever tell you.."if you have nothing nice to say..then say nothing"? Perhaps you could comment on fashion in a less malicious way? I know you mean well and you're really a good person..just try to be a little more KIND:)

            Warmest Regards,
            Sweet Caroline

          • Abe Gurko says:

            I will try, but sometimes it’s just hard not to calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. xo

          • SweetCaroline says:

            You feel free to keep calling them….just try to be a little bit KINDER:) I know you have it in you….I enjoy your column and you've been great about responding. The beauty of fashion is everyone has their own taste and style…that's what keeps things interesting!


          • Abe Gurko says:

            Do I? lol.

          • SweetCaroline says:

            YES..u do:)

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