The CFDA NOT Best Dressed List

Starting with Lady Gaga. The Herman Munster shoes, the ill fitting bustier. Whatever, Marlene. She might need to stop Gaga-ing. A new verb.

There is not much to say. This Not Best Dressed List has become a staple in the I Mean…What?!? universe and shall stay in place forever. Why? Because so many fashionistas are clueless. Or just not brilliant. Words speak volumes, but pictures tell the story. Without any further ado, here are this year’s entries onto The CFDA NOT Best Dressed List for your perusal.

Jenne Lombardo was the fiercer, better version of Gaga and ready in case Lady Gaga fell off her shoes and could not get up to the podium to grab her award.

This makes that dress Mammy made for Scarlett from the curtains seem like a hoochie mamma dress from Herve Leger. That or she borrowed this from Andre Leon Tally.

Hilary Alexander proves the adage, "Do as I say, not as i do".

Not feeling this print on Liv Tyler. It's OK. But of all the gin joints...

Whatever. I know, sacriledge to say "Boo" about Chloe. But, fotz. And the shoes?

J. Crew? Clearly and the Lindsay Lohan Anklets are weird. This is all just unflattering.

Two peas in a pod. And I mean A Pea In The Pod.

I know, color blocking is huge for summer. But not when you are 18 months pregnant. Jessica Alba needs to hire Natalie Portman's stylist.

Is this from Rachel Roy and Amar'e Stoudemire's new Macy's collection?

Rebecca Minkoff should stick to designing bags.

What's a fashion event without a Manzie?

Or two.

What climate was this woman in last night? She and Thom Browne are like polar opposites. Operative word, polar.

This Marchesa number is all sorts of wrong.

And Georgina Chapman, who is stunning, wore the modern interpretation of the Gay 90's Saloon Dress.

Nope. Neither own a gay.

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