The Not Best Dressed List

When Wireimage describes you as Television Personality, you can expect to see a Hootchie mama dress and Audrina Patridge does not disappoint.

See what I mean Vanessa Minnillo?

Phoebe Price is a guaranteed list maker. And I don't mean A.

Look, I'm an ex-fatty and lost as much weight as Jennifer Hudson did. So I support her wanting to flaunt it. All I am saying is: "You needed a pair of stockings, girl."

Chaka Khan can do no wrong....err... except maybe show up to the AMAs in this tragedy. Plus she is screaming for cream rinse. Still love her because I, too, am every woman.

And now a word from the D-List. Katie Leclerec wore this mishapen ice-skaters frock to compliment her flattened hair do... don't rather.

When your bag and lips are the only thing visible on a red carpet, you know something is not working. And who is Jane Levy?

According to some, Elle Fowler is a "fashion expert". If that was the case, she would not be wearing a one shoulder Hootchie Mama, Snooki-like dress. Remind me not to hire her.

At the Gossip Girl 100th episode party, Blake Lively wore this Marchesa thing that look eerily like the Fall '10 Couture Givenchy and Chloe Moretz wore this wrongness.

OK, everyone's allowed to stroll on a red carpet. What do I know?

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  1. Carolynkmoss says:

    Jane Levy is the star of ABC's new show Suburbatory.

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