The Not Best Dressed (Or Otherwise) List

You would never guess that Elizabeth Olsen is much younger than her twin sisters, Ashley & Mary Kate. This hairdo makes her look like their momager.

Harmony Santana showed up to the Gotham Awards wearing this outfit to prove that being transgender allows you to be who you are and not who they want you to be. In other words, she was horribly under dressed.

Isabel Lucas needs to know her fabric choices so that one limo ride does not ruin the outfit and (B) eat something and (C) plump up the hair.

Amy Childs went to the OK! magazine Xmas party dressed as a big, tarty Christmas tree ornament.

As did Kerry Katona and...

Maria Fowler.

In grooming news….

Director Mike Cahill is screaming for cream rinse whereas...

William Shatner went to the CMT Awards dressed as John Boehner.

See what I mean? What color are these people?


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