Paul Ryan + John Boehner = Fiscal Cliff

Dec 10, 2012Gross Baboons

Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote & Paul have so much in common.

All this talk about the Fiscal Cliff reminds me of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Paul Ryan is still licking his wounds from being burned on the losing Presidential ticket and John Boehner is stuck between a rock and a bunch of hard ons in Congress. The Fiscal Cliff political charade is becoming barely interesting to watch. Paul Ryan recently made a speech trumping up Marco Rubio for 2016, which is a major waste of time, but otherwise, the weasel’s horrendously thin lips are sealed.

Let’s face it, Paul Ryan’s farkakteh budget went over like a lead balloon with the American people. Paul Krugman from The New York Times said, “The Ryan budget is full of — is full of magic asterisks, too. It’s not a real budget. It’s a fake document. I mean, I’m amazed that people haven’t gotten that. You know, we’re now a couple of years into the Ryan thing, and the fact that he doesn’t actually present real budgets.” Say what you want, but all the mean things that Paul “Gross Baboon” Ryan said about President Obama on the campaign trail, has boxed him into a corner and it is a pleasure to be hearing very little from that very little guy.

Paul Ryan is a gross Gross Baboon.

Paul Ryan Canceled Like The NYC Marathon – UPDATE: November 7, 2012 Post Election 2012: 

Nothing feels better than sex and knowing that this shnook, Paul Ryan is relegated back to Wisconsin, where he could not pull off a win in is home state. That, and that he has to return to Washington spewing the same budget nonsense that caused the Republicans to LOSE big time. I called his selection as Vice President the nail for Mitt Romney’s Presidential coffin, and as always, was right. Hasta la vista, baby. Take comfort that you lost Gross Baboon of the Year Award to Donald “The Orange-utan” Trump.

Paul Ryan Canceled Like The NYC Marathon – NOVEMBER 3, 2012: Paul Ryan, the world-renowned, record-breaking, blue eyed, thin-lipped marathon runner will suffer the same fate as the ING New York City Marathon… canceled. The Paul Ryan Marathon is the name of the mad dash he is making across the swing states begging right-wing zealots to get out and vote for him and the other liar, Mitt Romney. As of late there has been little coverage of the guy who “whoops” gave the wrong information when asked about his personal running best. Paul Ryan actually lied about running faster than any Kenyan. (A subtle swpie perhaps?) Well, maybe not in so many words, but when Ryan claimed, “Under three hours, high twos… yeah, I was fast when I was young”, Runner’s World magazine cried fowl, or as I would like to say, “Fotz!”

Paul Ryan Marathon also suggests that he will be running fast and far away from Mitt Romney’s side on November 7, so when he gets back to his regular job, he will resume begging Barack Obama for Federal Funds to distribute throughout his fair state of Wisconsin. Yes, the same swing state that will help re-elect Obama. Too bad Mitt Romney didn’t run a marathon for the hills away from those who suggested to Paul Ryan in the first place. That was the nail in Romney’s political coffin, coupled with the 47% moronic statement which ultimately did him in. All together now kids, say it with me, “Out of fucking touch!” This election will end the way I predicted all along. The good news is that Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight Blog has also been doing the math of what I have been saying. Guess The New York Times has more credibility than me, which, frankly, is a bunch of hooey. I Mean What suffers the curse of always being right, but only my fancy few followers know that, while the world jerks itself off believing the nonsense that most other media outlets and phoney baloney pollsters throw out as bait. You know the drill, let’s throw a bunch of shit at a wall and see what sticks. But that’s politics and the media these days. But what do I know?

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