The Not Best Dressed Or Tressed List


Award season is here and it looks like one of the trends is the messy up-do. I have one word for this look. No. If you don’t want to look all gussied up with a fabulous well-crafted up do, then don’t go to the event. Or wear your hair down. Except in the case of Mila Kunis. (See below.)

Anne Heche's doo is not that bad, but it does look somewhat potato latke-y on her head. It needed some shaping and hairspray.

Yikes to Mila Kunis' dress choice AND her hair looks horrendous. She needed an up do, messy or otherwise, which would have been a great improvement. Where was the Christian Dior PR team on this one? You sign her to a contract and let her out looking like this?

Raven Symone's hair is good enough, but that dress is not.

Patton Oswald looks like he has some kind of up do happening.

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