The Not Best Dressed @ Golden Globes

Jan 16, 2012Breaking Newzzz

When I started The Not Best Dressed List, the marketplace was not flooded with Monday morning fashion quarterbacks and mavens. Now its seems that opinions are falling from the trees like leaves in the fall. The Not Best Dressed List is getting drowned out thanks to Twitter and the slew of Johnny Come Lately fashion bloggers and the magazines that have finally surrendered to the Internet. Case in point: Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman has started his worst dressed list also. How original. Bla bla bla… here are my selects… and plenty of them, I might add.

My friend Sam called Jessica Biel's get up Victorian nonsense. I concur.

Way too much fabric and it's wrinkled. So much for the Black Swan perfection.

What did Naya Rivera do, make this dress herself last night? Yikes.

Freida Pinto went from the regal beauty two years ago to this ill-fitting, boob fat wearing thing.

I love Bizzy Phillips but the one armed bandit nonsense must be put to an end.

Meryl's got spurs that jingle jangle jingle.

It's a bit much for non nominated Elle, rather why was she there besides to promote the new fashion show on NBC.

Zoey's hair was weird, the white thing at the neck of the dress kinda ruined it for me and her sister Emily looked like a Mother-in-Law of the Bride at Leonard's of Great Neck.

Debra Messing went from fahionplate in the 90's to a broken fashion plate in the 2010's. This dress is beyond horendous and perhaps an old number from the 90's.

This chic was so annoying on the Grammy Red Carpet arrival show on NBC, that he goes right on the list. And (B) she looks like a prom queen.

When your two year old doubles as your stylist, fire the two year old.

Amanda Peet is commited to being on my Not Best Dressed List. She is clueless.

Catch Me Catch Me Richards was there...why?

There is a line in the opening of that 60's television show F Troop where the Indian looks up at the first ever hot air balloon and screams, "It is balloooon". Well, this was what he saw.


Whatever's daughter.

Whatever's co-host.


5 Responses to “The Not Best Dressed @ Golden Globes”

  1. Johnna says:

    You would gasp if you saw the back of Kyle Richard's dress. I think it was too small as that zipper was literally held intact by about 5 big safety pins. The BIG ones.

  2. Julia says:

    How's SMG in this? Her dress was cute as was she.

  3. Abe says:

    It was way too big and sorta bizzy. It needed to be a bit more streamlined.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the best not dresses. Those celebrities are very beautiful and their divine beauty made those dresses looks good on them from my consideration. Jessica Biel is looking stunning though.

  5. vintage tee says:

    Special piece of writing on Golden Globes!!!! I have already heard that is the best for fashion. Looking forward to your site for knowing more on Golden Globes. Thanks for good head up :lol:

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