The Not Best Dressed @ The Costume Institute Gala

Christina Ricci needs to be another foot taller to wear this bow fest. She looks like one of those weird dolls that Marie Osmond sells on QVC or whatever.

Looks like the collagen from Lana Del Rey's lips has seeped out and she could use a bit of plumping. Anyway the Bat Girl cape is not remotely as lovely as Gwenyth's white one from the Oscars. Bad choice. The dress was best served on its own. From what I know she's annoying anyway as is her make-up job. Very Dark Shadows.

I love Carrie Mulligan but the lighting on the red carpet illuminates her face in a weird way and she and Anna Wintour BOTH should have known better. Disco inferno fotz.

Bianca Brandolini d'Adda is the Debbie Reynolds of the Costume Institute Gala.

I'm glad to see Big Bird and the poor man's Sofia Vergara in tow. WTF which mean who the...

Coco Rocha wore Elizabeth Taylor's vintage Valentino jumpsuit. Um... Ebay? Can you tell that La Liz was five feet zero inches tall. And what color shoes are those? Peach Melba? At least match them to your friggen hair.

Guess who?

Nina Dobrev...meh. Who cares.

This pink confection... and you know when I say confection, I mean fotz, really. Dee Whatever Her Name needs to just take Hilfiger's last name. Moving on.

Somebody tell Elizabeth banks that she is not on set for The Hunger Games and to wear a non-dandy over-the-top get up for a while.

So Jaime King decided to die her hair to match her dress? Coco Rocha...what did I say.

I think I get what Mary Kate Olsen is trying to do, but the operative word is trying. The make up and hair are horeeeene. She looks 70. And the dress should have been...not black. And a bit more fitted.

Just sayin'.

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