What Kanye Doesn’t Like…

May 6, 2012Breaking Newzzz

The world according to Kanye.

A fashion faux pas happens every 1.5 seconds in New York City. Leave it up to the uber-fashion victim himself, Kanye “Me Loves Me A Hootchie Mama” West to calls ‘em as he sees ‘em via Twitter. Seems like Anna West went on a rant about how horeene people dress the other day, and though I may agree with him on some things, one would imagine that he who lives in a glass house might not want to throw stones. More people than not might think that wearing Kim Kardashian as a fashion accessory is questionable… at best. Others would have even worse things to say about that particular fashion choice. But, let’s all agree to agree with Kanye when we say cargo shorts must be erased from the Earth. Then again, I said that eons ago in an entry called The Short Answer On Shorts. Where’s Kanye been?

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