Apples and Oranges, A Recap of the CFDA Awards

Jun 9, 2010Fashion

Merle Ginsberg and I completely disagree about the Sarah Jessica Parker moment. And that's what makes for good dialogue.

Merle Ginsberg (Editor-in-Cheif, and I continue our cross continental SKYPE dialogue and compare notes on the CFDA Awards.

MERLE: Shall we start with worst dressed?
ABE: Is there a better place to start? How about the Olsen Twins?
MERLE: Dumpster chic.
ABE: I saw this fantastic video look book that The Row did on, it featured nothing like those schmattas. They are such fashion icons….why I don’t know…but they are and they never get the red carpet down.

We surely agree about the Olsen twins.

MERLE: They are too young and too thin, to hide under all this fabric at a black tie. I also didn’t like Paz de la Huerta’s skin tight white dress by Yigal Azruel.
ABE: I didn’t even notice it.
MERLE: It had a black racing stripe down the back promoting her ass. Leave that act to JLO, I say.
ABE: Tamara Mellon looked ridic. And I did not like her shoes either. They looked like Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol angle thing. What happened to good taste?
MERLE: Maggie Grace and Molly Sims, that’s what. Come on. Molly’s dress was way to short.
ABE: Some people have issues with aging. I understand completely.
MERLE: Yes, but you would not wear a dress that short.
ABE: True.
MERLE: And neither should she. That Diane von Furstenberg dress was perfect for the MTV Movie Awards. All I can say is that she looked Hackensack when it was a night for New York. This dress isn’t even Hollywood.
ABE: Tell me how you really feel.

Merle was not feeling Jessica Biel's all.

MERLE: And while I am at it, I really didn’t like that Diane von Furstenberg number that Jessica Biel wore. She went from Best Dressed at the MTV Movie Awards to Worst Dressed at the CFDA Awards.
ABE: Liya Kebebe’s ill-fitting Proenza Schouler was a pretty patheic choice. Those guys have their finger on the pulse of this industry and Liya is one of the few models that have made it to a first name stature like the days of Linda, Naomi and Christy. She looked like she slept on someone’s couch after a night of partying.
MERLE: Now there’s a visual we’re all shared.
ABE: Yes, but I was not making a grand entrance on a red carpet. I would be making an entrance into to a Korean deli to buy hangover medicine and orange juice.
MERLE: Touche. What did you think about Sarah Jessica Parker.
ABE: Yikes.
MERLE: I loved it. That print is gorgeous, it’s a tough dress to wear – I mean, it’s a whole lotta dress – but she carries it off perfectly, doesn’t let it overwhelm her, and stands out in the crowd. Would Carrie Bradshaw wear it? Probably.
ABE: After that Sex and the City 2 debacle, who cares what she wears anymore. She is the head of Halston Heritage…well…get that heritage on your back. That was what she needed to wear. And a tall British model needed to wear the Alexander McQueen dress.
MERLE: Hey, that’ what makes us Apples and Oranges. We agree to disagree. So who was your favorite? Mine was Gwyneth Paltrow in that sexy Michael Kors dress.
ABE: Eh, I thought it made her look too thick. My favorite was Tonne Goodman. Now that woman is fierce.

Tonne Goodman showed all the celebrities was good taste is.

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