The CFDA Not Best Dressed Awards

Jun 8, 2010Fashion

Last year at this time, I MEAN…WHAT?!? launched the Not Best Dressed Awards. It was fitting that the kick-off center around the CFDA Awards, where everyone in the room should just know better. After my initial shock at some the choices, I decided that the ones who were worst dressed had the least friends. OR, they were so feared, that no one dare contradict their choices. This year again, we see shocking taste in a room filled with taste-makers. These people are oxy-morons. Sure, I have been guilty of “Do as I say, not as I do”, but on a night of CFDA glamor and bla bla, you would think that every single attendee at the awards gala has a gay they can have come over and say, “OK, tell me the truth, do I look fat, short, anorexic, retarded, fill in the blank. And since everyone loves an awards show, herewith is the CFDA Not Best Dressed Awards.

I get it, Kim Hastreiter is the Eugenia Sheppard Award winner, but all you needed to do was replace this gold "thing" (for lack of a better term) with the black equivalent. And is the jewelry from 14th Street Gold-Watches-Chains?

Yes, this dress is beautiful, but it feels way too overdressed....and long. I get the emotional choice from Sarah Jones to honor Alexander McQueen, but really, this needed to be on a runway model. I think Sarah Jessica Parker should resign as the fashion Kewpie doll.

The Olsen Twins showed up in The Row. Now, call me crazy, but these outfits look like Eileen Fisher before she revamped the collection (which is really not saying much, I know.)

Girl, clearly you have a gay. And clearly he did not tell you that this was not the outfit for you. Tamara Mellon wore a non-age appropriate mini-costume. To quote Merle Ginsberg, "there's a difference between outrage and costume. Exposure and disguise."

Fabiola Beracasa, you really have to stop with the flying peices. You did this last year too. Threeasfour is a cool concept...but not a great reality.

See what I mean.It is clearly reminicent....only worse-ish.

Rachel as you say, not as you do. This is not flattering for the red carpet. You should have known better. It makes you look shorter and wider.

Of all the dresses in New York City, Liya Kebebe made the wrong choice. And these two gays were not gonna say boo, 'cause they wanted her to wear it. It's not horrible...but somewhat ill fitting at the chest. And for Liya, who is so glamorous...that is unacceptable.

Dakota Fanning should have worn this Marchesa to the MTV Movie Awards.

It's not like Thom Browne has nice knees. And that tie looks like Hitler's mustache.

Considering how difficult it is to get featured on Nicole Phelps chose a one-shoulder (so over this look already...yikes) Zero + Maria Cornejo, which made zero sense. Fotz.

I could really go on…but will end here. I would also like to point out my choice for the Best Dressed of the evening. It was a tie, actually.

Tonne Goodman looked chic, chic chic.

Lara Stone wore this clean, simple, stunning Calvin Klein number. Hats off to Francisco Costa for making Calvin Klein beyond relevant, again.

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