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Oct 31, 2011Fashion

Move over celebrity fashion designers, movies are the new black.

You all know what I think about celebrity turned fashion designers by now. If not, you have been living under a rock. To refresh, my basic belief is that actors/actresses and reality stars should not think just because they like fashion, that they should throw themselves into the already  saturated market and leave the industry alone. It is the rare celebrity that successfully makes the transition, such as the Olsen Twins with their dynasty. Granted Sofia Vergara might be making a boat load of cash with her Attention: K-Mart Shoppers leopard numbers, but making money is not the only gauge in what determines success in my book. Anyhoo, this is not about those celebrities anyway, today’s observations is that celebrities are about to be rendered obsolete because here come the first fashion collection designed by a movie. H & M presents The Dragon Tattoo Collection for your hip, holiday look.

Granted, this look lends itself to a retail moment. In essence it upgrades lesbian chic. And Lord knows I support that since Crocs and cargo shorts must end. But my biggest question, rather, fear is that all Hollywood movies are going to start banging out fashion collections in order to extend the branding of the film. Let’s see what tragedies could befall us if that is the case:

1. The Twilight Collection: Actually, that would be redundant as the look could be just like Dragon Tattoo. The only additional piece would be the T-shirt below for Taylor Lautner types.

The Taylor Lautner shirt.

2. Puss In Boots: A full line of footwear available at Payless.

The must have Puss In Boots for fall.

3. The J. Edgar Drag Collection: Though I can’t imagine that Leonardo DiCaprio will don drag in this highly-anticipated bio-pic of J. Edgar Hoover, one can easily imagine the drag collection based on the characters underbelly.

RuPaul, eat your fashionable heart out.

4. My Week With Marilyn Dress Collection: Move over Material Girl. This will be one of the hot sellers at Sears. Move over Kardashian Kollection, indeed.

This pink satin dress and the white halter that will fly off the racks.

The Ross Dress for Less Dress.


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