Jean Paul Gaultier Does Couture Por La Manzie

Jul 7, 2011Fashion

The Jean Paul Gaultier collection was fantastic and one of the funner elements was his inclusion of couture menswear, for those rich Manzies out there who want to wear a skirt or dress and are not feeling the recent collection by Rick Owens. Not sure if anyone saw some of the comments from my recent Paris menswear shows, but some anonymous person really has it out for me for being a hack. This person does not seem to think that we are all entitled to our own opinions. And (B), hack, is what I was doing (hacking) when I saw some of the Manzie collections that graced the Paris menswear shows.
Onto the matters at hand, the looks from Gaultier.

This coat is stunning. Wishing I was 6 foot 2.

Then comes macho Manzie. How to make an entrance at the Elk's Lodge.

Girl, my mother wore something similar to my Bar Mitzvah in the 60's. She was obsessed with ostrich feathers.

Drama, drama, drama or right out of a Bill Compton flashback on True Blood.

Avaitor maxi coat, check. Lace sequined leggings, check.

Big Bird as seen on True Blood.

The suit that doubles as a night light.

Hack it off at the knee and I am there. As for the rest, it's like something out of Gone With The Wind.

See what I mean? From the knee down.

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