Kate Moss To Design For Longchamps

Jan 15, 2010Fashion

Kate Moss has been the face of Longshamps for the past four years. Gosh...time really flies. I remember the first ads after the drama.

You probably think that I am going to do into a tirade about yet another celebrity-turned fashion designer, namely Kate Moss, which was just reported in Women’s Wear Daily. This is the next gig for the uber-supermodel. But surprise! Kate Moss is a style icon and she can do whatever she wants, especially design clothes. Or serve as a Design Director. I mean…who doesn’t want to look like Kate? Style and otherwise. Kate Moss is one of the few supermodels that has sustained her career in spite of ugly rumors, ugly truths and ugly boyfriends. But let me get back to my point as to why Kate is not one of your run of the mill celebrities or models for that matter. Her entire career has been ensconced and entrenched in the creative process of fashion for two decades. Who better to design a collection (capsule or otherwise) than someone that has been a muse to so many designers. Kate Moss is the modern day version of Loulou de la Falaise, the model and muse of Yves Saint Laurent or Jackie Rogers, except she will be far more successful due to the mass marketing of Kate Moss. Her turn with Topshop put her in another stratosphere and let’s face it…this girl can do no wrong. Even when she did wrong…it worked out really right for her.

Kate Moss was caught white handed. The girl is like teflon. Even when it stuck, it slid right off.

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