Lindsay Lohan Did Not “Forget” Her Bra

Jan 17, 2010Fashion

So, she doesn't wear a bra. Hello...Women's Lib. They used to burn them in the good old days.

She's not big on bras. Big deal.

The Huffington Post reports that Lindsay Lohan Forgot Her Bra. Now, I love the Huffington Post like nobodies business. And not because I am a weekly blogger there. More because it is the best source for news and Arianna Huffington tapped into the blogosphere zeitgeist better than anyone. Several years ago, I produced an event at her home, An Evening of Dorothy Parker. This was before HP was established. Arianna and her sister Agapi graciously let us use her home for this reading and I will always appreciate their kindness and generosity.

BUT, I am here to say that judging my the looks of this image, for the headline to say She “forgot” her bra, is like saying, “Milk forgot that it is white”. Does that make sense? You know what I mean…whereas that blogger should either not be on that particular beat or he/she should ask me for the appropriate headlines….which in this case I would say, Lindsay Never Wears A Bra.

Meanwhile, speaking of never wearing a bra, have you seen the video from the Muse magazine photo shot, Lindsay’s Private Party?

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