Manzies Are Back On The Runway

It has been a while since the last round of men’s shows where we first met The Manzie, which we sometimes refer to as “The Manz” or “La Manz”. You newcomers need to be brought up to speed. What is a Manzie? (pronounced man – zee), hence, What is a Manzie Report?

At last season’s men’s fashion shows in Europe, the overarching trend was something that I hadn’t seen in quite some time, actually ever. I came up with the term Manzie to capture the moment. A Manzie is not a Dandy, nor is he a Pansy, hence the revised spelling. A Pansy doesn’t necessarily need to dress effeminately in order to be called a Pansy by a bunch of blokes. They just need to have a sisssing “S” in their speech or run with their arms flailing during gym. A Dandy, on the other hand, (like Patrick MacDonald) is someone who embraces high-fashion and the avant garde, which transcends the current styling trend of “quirky man”, featuring the “quirky man-hat” (click here). In essence, a Manzie can be a straight man trying too hard to be stylish or a “straight-acting gay guy” that thinks by acting butch, it will compensate for the bad “quirky man-hat” and other bad Manzie fashion choices. Here to better define this term are images that will clarify things.

Get a load of these fur knickers from Gianfranco Ferre. Now, come on. Coupled with a military jacket they are still ridic. Period.

Just in case you were wondering if the fur harem pants came with a top...think no more. Shown here in the most clumsy awkful way. It's inspired by Michelle Obama high waist belting...which doesn't always work with her either.

Is it me or is there a bit of a androdynous lesbian thing going on here. And are those leather belt bottoms? Who is going to buy those? Not even a lesbian.

Yes guys, this is the look for when you go to the Dykes on Bikes meetings.

Muccia Prada has to throw in a few Manzie looks or else she is not happy. This coat is so not happening...on a man. Actually, I am sure Michelle Obama wore this already somewhere.

I'm totally not feeling is Little Lord Fauntleroy-inspired collar.

At whatever length, car coat, jacket, gown...the collar is a fotz. And here the color is too.

Feel free to disagree with me. The overall collection was good...but these pieces are complete throw-aways. Nice bowl cut, by the way.

Vivienne Westwood never disappoints. At (what seemed like) earthquake dusted men, this was the uber Manzie opening of the show. The orange shoes give the look that je nais se quoi.

The Chewbacca headgear is the perfect cold weather accessory.

I am sure the boys on Rikers Island will be happy to know they served as an inspiration to the incomparable Vivienne Westood.

Nice outfit. If this is the last outfit on Earth...I would sooner walk around naked.

Nice touch with the support-hose styling. And the belly bearing midriff, hmmm. Not doing' it.

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