Olsen Twins “Capsule” Collection For J.C. Penney (Brech)

Feb 5, 2010Fashion

Clear signs that these two were destined to set fashion trends.

You all know how vomitous I feel about the barrage of designer-nee-celebrities (a.k.a. celebrity-turned-designers) that are flooding the already tenuous fashion market. Click on any of these links for a recap of how annoyed this makes me and how unsettling this is for real-live fashion designers. There are just so many open-to-buy dollars from retailers and if they are compelled to purchase from a celebrity-brand, that effects someone else’s bottom line. One plus one equals two. Till now I have been kind to the Olsen Twins, because their collection, The Row, was being well received, they are true on-the-fashion-scene insiders, cooler than socialites, and known for setting trends such as Hobo-Chic. Fine. They get my vote-ish. Well, since their acting career is officially over, their seamless segue into designer status worked really well with two collections (yes, they are Type A personalities), Elizabeth and James, and The Row. BUT, according to Wikipedia, “They have also launched their own new couture fashion label “The Row” named after the famous Saville Row in London.” Now…girls…really? Couture?!? Am I alone here in thinking that is beyond a stretch? I think The Row is cool, they did a fierce video look book, but couture? Relax Mary…and Mary Kate and Ashley, too.

The news that the Olsen Twins are doing a capsule collection for Jean Claude Penney with Steve Madden is annoying. Must they try to monopolize every market: juniors, better, and now mass? I guess it was inevitable that they would gravitate back to the mass market, since that was their foray into the schmatta business back when they were 11 years old or something. Look. I wish them joy, well-being, and continued fabulousness. But, let’s not ty to be all things to all people.

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  1. kmg says:

    i thought it was "Olsen"

  2. Amber Reese says:

    I totally agree. So glad that I found this site on Google :) I'm going to bookmark it now.

    – Amber

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