The Halston Hullabaloo

Jul 15, 2011Fashion

You know the expression...

Gee, tell me something that I couldn’t have told you over a year ago when the Halston land grab was originally getting under way. Women’s Wear Daily reports that Sarah Jessica Parker and Harvey Weinstein are out at Halston. Why isn’t anyone saying, “Why were they in, in the first place?” The celebrity fashion designer phenomenon was in full boom right after the economy tanked and by 2010, there were more celebrities hawking schmattas then members of the CFDA. My guess is that all it takes are two lame seasons and the proof is in the pudding. Sure, there will always be exceptions to every rule, namely Jessica Simpson, who’s billion dollar enterprise is a head-scratcher. While the best example of celebrity turned designers are the Olson Twins, because The Row is amazing. And they just cannot stop being cool,regardless of the occasional Red Carpet snafu.

Back to Halston, who must be turning in his grave… again. Halston was everything. He made American style a reality, gave the word “chic” new meaning, represented everything fabulous about New York City and reigned over the inner circle of the fashion industry. Does Halston’s legacy need to be besmirched by people who may truly love fashion, but whose place on Earth is better suited doing what they do best? Sarah is a brilliant actress and Harvey an even more brilliant filmmaker, promoter, marketer. Weinstein needs to be in the fashion industry like I am going to the moon. Not to mention what strange bedfellows that made Halston and Marchesa.It all sounds iffy, if you ask me. But what do I know?

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