Paris: Manzies & Panzies & Bears…Oh My!

As we continue with the Manzie Report in Paris, I had to first mention this little story that applies to the first designer being mentioned today. I was at Penn Station (don’t ask) and noticed this guy wearing Bermuda length shorts, a suit jacket, tie and white collar shirt with leather wind tip shoes. Now as quasi-acceptable as this look is, the guy was such a nelly queen as he scurried through Penn Station, that I wondered, “Could these Bermuda suits ever take off and go mainstream?”

Thom Browne sees a world where everyone looks like him.

Virtually every look down the runway was designed to bring this point home.

What I can say is that the length of these pantlets is great. Thank God he did not try to pull off the hot pants with sports jackets look.

I still think you have to be a dizzy queen to walk around in this look. When you see it out and about, you will look cock-eyed at whoever wears it...besides of course Thom.

The thing is, you can't help thinking about that nudnik Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Or Pee Wee Herman.

If you think the Thom Browne look is not gonna hit the mainstream, what do you think of Comme ds Garcons' looks for spring?

Though I bet it feels nice to walk around and letting the air in.

But really kids...

"Let's me just throw on this little number and off I go to the soccer game?" Not if you want to live.

Any which way you show is a challenge.

Your honor, I am wearing a plum colored dress.

Yohji Yamamoto wanted to return to the powdered wig days. If anyone can pull off this look, it would be Yohji.

Hmmm. Or Maybe not.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Step right up and give me a break.

Walter Van Beirendonck loves bears. But I call this collection Deconstructing Butch.

We are left with a nelly hunk.

Or Josephine Baker.

See what I mean?

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