Paris Is Burning

Jan 26, 2010Fashion

The master showman and all round fruit loop, that also happens to be the most talented designer on Earth...period.

Have you seen the images of the Christian Dior Couture Collection? Are you kidding me? John Galliano is so amazing, that it hurts my eyes to look at some of the other showings that are under way now in Paris for the Spring Couture Shows. I’ll get to those outings shortly, but I am not finished gushing on this “what fashion is all about” collection. John Galliano is so fierce that he probably scares himself. His throw back to Fifties glamour, with Gay Nineties thrown in there was just so inspiring that anyone else that remotely calls themselves designers should just buck up and take notes and pay attention to details. The kind of painstaking details that permeated the Dior show, from the headpieces, to the color choices, to the jewelry, to the not jewelry…I mean…what?!? That this exists alongside collection like Alexis Mabille or Anne Valerie Hash is mind boggling. I am sure those two are lovely people. But, stick to ready-to-wear and leave the couture to the likes of Dior, Chanel or Armani. Come to think of it…I am not going to bother with those other “coutriers” right now. Let me show you  smattering of fabulousness from Dior.

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