Who Let The Dogs Out

Jan 27, 2010Breaking Newzzz

It really is a shame that dogs have gotten a bad rap because of the basic human need to name-call. What is more amazing than your dog? Nothing. The expression, “It’s a dog’s life” refers to the easy, pressure-free existence that our pampered dogs live. Laying, stretching, nibbling, laying, stretching, nibbling. They are plenty busy. But then, somewhere along the line, people started referring to other humans as dogs and not in a good way. How did that happen? If I was a dog, a real one, I would be pissed. Women call men dogs for looking at other women, or worse, having an affair. I could see calling a man a dog if he laid on the floor licking his parts…because he can. But I just don’t quite get the progression of the term, hence giving dogs a bad rap. And what’s with that expression, “It’s a dog eat dog world”? It is?  I wish the world was as peace loving as my dog, Woodstock. Anyway, looking at today’s news, DOG was definitely a recurring theme, and I don’t mean like “All Good Dogs Go To Heaven” rather, “Every dog has his day”.

Word is that Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer wants to walk in a fashion show in NYC during Fashion Week. Yes, ON a runway, with a pack of dogs. My recommendation is that he do a charity benefit fashion show with Animal Fair magazine as opposed to upstaging a designer to garner all the media attention.

Now, I don't know what John Edwards is referring to here, but it can't be his penis size or else why would that Rielle Hunter woman have chased it? That and/or why would Elizabeth Edwards have stayed with him this long?

Poor John Edwards...aka. The Big Dog, shown here in his better days, when his hair was the only issue.

Ashley Dupre, the hooker version of Carrie Bradshaw was spotted at the Playboy mansion. She admits there is no plans for posing for the mag...yet...but that she is in Los Angeles to attend the Grammy Awards. Yes, hookers and rockers. I get it.

Have you been following the YaVaughnie Wilkins billboard drama? After denying his 8 year affair with her, Charles Phillips, who is one of Obama's advisers, YaVaughnie took out billboard in NY & London proving their dalliance. I am convinced that a Republican sponsored those ads.

Always one to spot trends, rumor has it that Sarah Symonds, of Gordon "Dog" Ramsey fame is looking for a sponsor for her billboards to shame Ramsey. I think it is a hilarious way to teach these men a lesson, and perhaps they will think twice before letting their penii think for them. If you are gonna "do it"...then own up to it. Denial will get you nowhere...well...perhaps a billboard.

Are you ready to brech (Yiddish for vomit)? Hailey Glassman from Jon Gosselin trainwreck fame, was out boogying with Michael Lohan, trainwreck. Dogs of a feather?!?

Everyone should only be a cute and sweet as my dog, Woodstock. Unless you are a kid...then beware.

6 Responses to “Who Let The Dogs Out”

  1. ericka says:

    I am working as a temp PA, and I had to take my boss' dog to the vet yesterday for a chemo treatment. There was an adorable chocolate chihuahua in the waiting area. looked just like Woodstock. (but obviously, slightly LESS cute!)

  2. Kelley Quan says:

    You make me laugh, Abe, make me laugh!
    Penii?? is that the plural version?? I never knew… but now that I do i am going to use it whenever applicable, and in NY , that could be often! . i LURVE it :)

  3. Lou Darocha says:

    Excellent blog, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little homework on that. And he in fact bought me lunch because I found it for him ~

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