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Jun 15, 2011Fashion

Modify these looks and wha-la, Spring '13.

When the economy took a nosedive that fateful Fall of 2008, an emergency meeting of the CFDA was called at the FIT Auditorium. There was a moving sense of togetherness that brought all the most powerful fashion titans and icons to their knees and admit, “What the hell are we gonna do?” Many suggestions were made from curtailing shipping too early so that retailers would refrain from early mark downs to limiting images released on the internet. Those went over like a lead balloon, but they were sorta good ideas. One of the exciting turns of events since then has been the repositioning of Resort. Not sure how that evolved, but it has become the newest high point within this tenuous industry.

While fast fashion retailers steal designer thunder, Resort has emerged as a critical new story in the business of fashion. The new black of shipping periods, if you will. What I love about Resort is that it compels designers to have a sharper, edited eye. Unless of course you are Karl Lagerfeld, who throws down 72 looks for Chanel, not all of which are necessary to the story, but hey, it’s Karl, are you gonna tell him no? If necessity is the mother of invention, then economic hardship is the daddy of reality, which in many cases has reigned in the most egotistical of fashion mavens. I loved perusing the Resort 2012 collections. So many are great. Even the ones that are not great are great because there were so pared down, which is great. If I were a designer, I would put all these Ship’n Shore vintage ads on my mood board for my Resort collection 2013. If you modify and update these, you have one fierce, flirty collection. Meet me here next year and let’s see who might have used this as their inspiration. Just sayin’.

These simple tops would work at short dresses too. Sure, it's a bit Vogue Patterns but who cares. They are cute and will sell.

What's cuter than these little tops. Daisy's in the pigtails? Immediately.

The piping is a nice detail. Take note.

Love these blouses.

Amazing as is. Throw a colorful hanky in the pocket and off you go.


OK, lose the hats but the delicate floral treatment is worth a look.

She's like the dancer in The Red Shoes, Moira Shearer meets Audrey Hepburn.

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