Scott James At ENKNYC

Jan 16, 2011Fashion

Plaid is here to stay, ask the Scottish...and in this case, Scott James.

No one is more excited about this week than moi. The Men’s Fall Collections are launching in Milan and New York City. For the next few days, I will feature my seasonal Manzie Report, only this year, in an effort to tone back the rhetoric and vitriol I will report on the Best of as well as the Worst of, just to show you how politically correct I can be…ish. Over the past few seasons, men have gone from being enormously effeminate to overly butch and this season, I am predicting that the the two worlds will collide. At ENKNYC, I spotted this updated traditional collection from Scott James that combines the excitement of color and relaxed butchness that we all need, making for a very accessible handsome collection. Stay tuned for more.

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