Golden Globes: And The Worst Dressed Is…

Jan 17, 2011Fashion

Olivia Wilde was my worst dressed. The hair feels so 1990-something dated. And this dress was the one that Rachel Zoe was D-Y-I-N-G for last season on Rachel Zoe Project. Fotz.

Sandra Bullock was my second worst. Notice the same hair at Olivia? Both felt dated.

Julianne Moore is the newly appointed Emperor of New Clothes-ville. Yikes.

As with Julianne, Christina Hendricks hair clashes with the dress. She needs a good gay in the room next time.

Eva Longoria doesn't have enough height for this dress. Period.

I have three words for Helen Bonham Carter an it is not her name. I mean...what is more like it. Quirky and red carpet should never be in the same sentence.

Christina Aguilera is the new Dolly Parton.

It pains me to put Michelle Williams on this list because I love her and thought she was brilliant in Blue Valentine...but these over-sized daisies were the problem. How can you make beige loud?

3 Responses to “Golden Globes: And The Worst Dressed Is…”

  1. Carolyn Moss says:

    Add Julie Bowen in Tadashi Shoji to the list.

  2. Benita says:

    I'm loving the people in the BG of the shots: the little wispy reporter in red in the Olivia Wilde shot is looking like she's waiting patiently while her mom spits on a hankie and wipes her face. Or the woman in the Sandra Bullock pic with the Jetsons-In-A-Roman-Amphitheater blue and silver shmatte… a space age gladiator? Jane, stop this crazy Miss Thing!

    Michelle Williams is wearing a "concession dress" i.e. "I am a shy actor and I love The Work but I don't like red carpets but I have to look appropriate, so here I am, wearing something that reminds me of the meadow where I'd rather be."

    Julianne Moore's dress just comes across like an intellectual exercise in Fashion References and Semiotics. That, or she got it free with the Dynasty DVD box set.

  3. mickey82 says:

    Christina Aguilera looked hot. I, would have like to see more sleek hair, but other than that she looked damn fine.

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