St. John Bags Angelina Jolie

Jan 12, 2010Fashion

Could they have found a worse picture of Karen Elson? Is that even her?

St. John, is that brand of women’s clothing that for years used Kelly Gray, the daughter of the company’s owners (nepotism much?) in their advertising. One day, they finally realized that Kelly was a total yikes for the brand, so they hired Angelina Jolie in an effort to reposition the brand…which worked-ish. Now, the big news is that St. John has bagged Angelina Jolie and replaced her with Karen Elson. See below. “We wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blonds and cleanse the palette,” said CEO Glenn McMahon. So I guess Karen Elson, iconic redhead, is the sherbet of models. At the end of the day…do you own a St. John anything? My sister Rita from New Jersey does. But that’s because this particular jacket has a bit of a boucle, Chanel-ish vibe-ish.

All the shirtless hunks in the world could not salvage the brand in the Kelly gray days.

So, Glenn thinks that “Angelina Jolie overshadowed the brand.” Whatever. I guess under-shadowing the brand was good for all those years with Kelly and after only one year with Angelina …palette cleansing galore. Frankly, Angelina was St. John’s only hope of cleansing the palette from the decade of Kelly Gray ads.

See, this is really how Karen Elson looks...lovely indeed. That snap shot above...oy.

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  1. Yes there are some pieces in St John that are not 'modern' but what they do is brilliant. Their knits hide in a wonderfully skimming way and are flattering to women's bodies who are not perfect-that is why they have been so successful with the florida set. For a few of my clients their cut really works. Not to mention they don't wrinkle but yes their image and some of their designs could use a fluffing-maybe they could hire kate moss to infuse some youth…

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