The Gayest of Gay Paree

Jun 25, 2011Fashion

There are so many viable inclusions in the Manzie Report: Paris, that I can’t even write individual comments because it is Gay Pride weekend in New York City, we got the Gay Marriage Act approved last night and I’d rather participate in some festivities than sit here and yattle on about Walter Van Beirendonck’s Bird Bird ensembles or his pastel cotton candy numbers that double as topiaries. Just click through these images and you will see a plethora of nelly galore ditties from leather sports bras…yes…for men…and Givenchy’s bouquet of Bird of Paradise skirts. Alexis Mabille seems to have tried his hand at everything this season including underwear, spa bathrobes as well as knocking off Rudy Gernreich topless monokini. It really is endless in Paris and I tried to be select by highlighting the outfits that had me scratching my head the most. Culottes continue to dominate the runways and longer dresses seem to be having a heyday. There was even a modified Burka for Spring ’12, which is so weather appropriate. Not much more to say really as you will see for yourself. Stay tuned for more tomorrow, though hopefully not.

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