Thom Browne: Triple Fotz…Not Threat

Jun 27, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Thom Browe sent in the clowns.

You have designers like Kris Van Assche and Kris Van Assche showing perfect menswear collections and then there is Thom Browne, using Paris to show his US brand of retardo fashion. Whenever we go there it is never a good thing. Case in point Zac Posen. I don’t even want to go on and on about how pretentious the Thom Browne collection is. I have said it all before and will sadly continue into the future.  Browne is so hell bent on replacing John Galliano’s fashion bad boy reputation in light of the him missing from the scene, that it begs the phrase, “Excuse me, can you you remove your label so I can see right through you?”

The Emperor’s New Clothes is alive and well at this spring’s Browne outing shown at Maxim’s. It was Halloween all over the place AND/OR drunk office party, complete with lampshades on the model’s heads. Any editor that goes for any of this has bought so far up the arse of the Emperor, that they need their head examined. Anyone who knows me knows that my deepest feelings are that the words quirky and fashion should never live in the same sentence. Nor should it refer to anything, but especially in fashion, most notably, menswear. There is nothing sadder than a man trying desperately to look cutesy. And the entire Thom Browne collection is just that: A ploy to get people talking. Well girl, it worked like a charm.

What a way to open a men's show. Please Marlene.

Fringes, just what the male flapper wants to wear in 2012.

Well, he's half right, vertical stripes are slimming.

Nice hat. it's like that bad Sarah Jessica Parker thing.

Ish. Well if not this, for sure it's like that guy that crazy glued the tiny hat to his head.

And this nonsense is just beyond. Will be Xerox his ass too?

What to wear when doing the Charleston next Spring.

If one more trend report claims that plaid is "on trend" for Spring '12, I will gag.


This finale is like Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria.

Thom Browne is Le Jazz Hot Baby.


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