Tony Red Carpet

Jun 14, 2010Fashion

The highlight of the Tony Awards show last night was not the musical numbers, but just how great so many of the women looked as they sashayed onto the wet red carpet. It is odd that the women of the the-A-ter outshone the women in fashion, when you look at the recent CFDA Not Best Dressed Awards. Here are the best and worst of the last night’s lot, in no particular order.

Lea Michelle looked stunning in Zac Posen.

Michelle Williams, clean, simple, chic. Though I am not fan of one shoulder...this one works.

Scarlett Johansson won and won.

This is the exact same dress that Vera Fermiga wore to the Oscars, but hacked off at the pooch. Marchesa is a bit exhausting.

See what I mean? Lucy Liu is lost in this Marchesa number. They need to relax. This dress if modified with less stuff on it would be fine.

Cate Blanchett can do no wrong. Bowing...

Catherine Zeta Jones won also...and won.

You gotta love Karine Plantadit for giving us Pat Cleveland on the red carpet.

See what I mean?

Just in case you didn't see what I meant.

Oy...Lilias White won the Kim Hastreiter Award.

See what I mean?

The sheer front-less tank layer gives me pause.

So, Katie Holmes, did you look at how that dress fit you on the boobs? And what's with that little accessory...oh, and I like the diamond ring.

Helen Mirren is fierce. CFDA...take note.

Laura Bell Bundy needs to relazx. Too much dress, too much hair...yikes. And when you go to her own website to watch her "sound check at Walmart", you can't help noticing that she is sponsored by Tampax. Bye.

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are also winners. Who cares about that little statue's the nomination that counts...right? And if you believe that...I have some land in the Poconos...

Aretha Franklin can do whatever she wants...even wear a bad bejeweled potato sack...Oh, she did. But we love her anyway.

Viola Davis got her just deserts by winning Best Actress...but the fabric on that dress was a bit too well...David's Bridal...The Maid's Collection?

3 Responses to “Tony Red Carpet”

  1. mich says:

    ITA about Marchesa, Lucy and Jada look like
    wedding reception decorations

  2. Helen Mirren is perfection. Always attired beautifully. Women everywhere should take notes on how a woman can dress.

  3. jom says:

    Women always want to be the attention. In their best or worst dress?

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