Travails From Tribeca Film Festival

Apr 30, 2010Fashion

Spring is in the air which means that the Tribeca Film Festival is in full bloom. You gotta love Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal for taking the bull by the horns and rallying the movie business to create, yet another film festival. Seems like there is a film festival in every podunk town from Newport, Rhode Island to Rotterdam, Holland these days. All of which are “critically important, most of which we could live without, and few of which that celebrities want to attend besides Cannes, Venice, Toronto, or Berlin. All that said and done, the emotional beginnings of the Tribeca Film Festival, post 9 – 11, have surely been a welcome addition to the downtown Manhattan landscape and for that reason alone, it stands tall amongst the zillions of other festivals around the world. SPECIAL NOTE: I just read that there is a festival in Denver called FESTIVUS FILM FEST. Do you remember that hilarious episode of Seinfeld? Anyhoo, seeing that the Tribeca Film Festival has now engulfed the city of New York, I thought it would be fun to point out some of the looks on the red carpets that I think are fotz.

Selma BLair is adorable, but whatever queen convinced her to put in hot rollers, was out of his mind. Or was she? I saw her at the bar at the Smythe Hotel looking relaxed and adorable.

See what I mean, Selma? No more curlers. That look needs length, period.

Oy, Joan Rivers, you have got to control the lighting. Hasn't Barbra Streisand taught you anything

We all know that Amanda Peet just had a baby like minutes ago, but did she have to come out to make an appearance in her night gown?

Yes, I know lingerie is the new outerwear...but really? This silk potato sack is gross and unflattering. And if you tell me it looks better in person...then...whatever. Don't get on a red capret if that is the case.

You all know my feeling on the Quirky Man-Hat. I get that Zachary Quinto is trying to do anythinig NOT to look like Spock, but a quirky man-hat is not the way to go.

Click here for original quirky man hat no-nos.

Look, I wear glasses too, but of all the glasses in the world, this is the pair Beth Ostrosky went with? It looks like Lens Crafters plenty.

In what almost was the perfect storm, not one Real Housewife from anywhere was spotted on one single red carpet premiere so far during the Tribeca Film Festival. I can just hear DeNiro now, "Under no circumstance does a fuckin' Real Housewife get an invitation to my festival. You hear me?" Whitney Port was one of the few reality "stars" seen on the red carpet.

This is pure genius.

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  1. Abe,

    I'm glad you gave Festivus Film Festival some burn. We premiered our film there BEFORE we played SXSW. The festival is just as legit as its name.

    Nathaniel Eyde

    Black Ops Arabesque

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