Trends We Thought We Would Never See

Oct 4, 2010Fashion

When I say, “Now I have seen everything”, I am not lying.  As the runways are now being influenced by the real world…which used to never be the case…elements of fashion are creeping onto the runways that defies my perception of runway chic. Especially out of Paris. There was a time when fashion was the unachievable goal. To play in the sandbox of fabulosity meant being part of the exclusive, illusive dream machine. Now that fashion has been democratized…gross…we see now that the fashion houses are buckling under pressure to deliver the people, that which will make them feel special. Fotz….like a designer pacifier as it were. Anyhooo…here are a few looks that speak to this phenomenon.

Fashion used to be for the beautiful people. Now you can literally put a bag over someone's head and are fierce.

Excuse me for thinking that slicing a whole in a pillow sham equals high fashion.

So it's either Elephant Man chic or ugly ducklings are now in vogue, too.

Yes, Beth Ditto is cool, but whatever. This makes her look like a pin cushion, not a fashion plate. Well...a plate alright...of food.

Again, I support and applaud the plus size industry. It now has it's own fashion week...which is hilare. But us ex fatty's know not to wear this much print. Period. One thing it to not be bone thin...the other is draw attention.

OK...wear this in the boudoir. That's hot. But this is not the boudoir.

There is also a lovely return to simplicity. But when simplicity looks too much like hospital gowns...well...that is not what the fashion doctors ordered.

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3 responses to “Trends We Thought We Would Never See”

  1. Veruschka says:

    First photo is an homage to the KKK or the burkas. Th last one is just awful.But since fashion is always "changing" designers are trying out what hasn't been done yet. Understandable. However, I do not know who the designers of these pieces are, would have liked to know what. Thanks

  2. faith bowman says:

    no standards. just no standards AT ALL.

  3. audrey nizen says:

    the fashion industry needs to challenge itself. the recession has become an excuse for a lack of creativity and compelling fashion. same in the movie industry…make a movie that people want to see and then see if the recession will stop them…i don't think so!

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