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These people who trample are gross and fucked up.

It is a sad day for Black Friday because besides injury and death, this day brings out the worst in everybody.… Read More »

This is pregnant. Poor baby.

With the big news that Rick Santorum does not stand a chance of becoming the Republican nominee in the Race for the White House, much of the other news in the morning papers is more nonsensical than Rick Santorum himself. Sometimes one has to take these bits and pieces of rubbish and share them with his friends. Starting with Miss Piggy, I mean Snooki, pictured above. Word is she is pregnant but in a bind because they just started filming the new reality series Snooki & JWoww, a modern day version of Laverne & Shirley. What could be less interesting… Read More »


Tara Reid: The never-was was never married. And the lovely Family Lohan.… Read More »


Locked up in the Essex House waiting for Hurricane Irene to pack her wallop seemed like a movie of the week. An eerie quiet fell on New York City and everyone held their collective breath as the afternoon rolled into evening. Evening led to midnight and as I had said the day Bloomberg was hunkering down the city is preparation for our Katrina, I knew that this was just gonna the a big bad case of not much. Kind of like what happened years ago, when we prepared for the worst and got nothing. Call me strange, but after hunkering… Read More »

Can you guess who this is? It's Katy Perry, looking like a yenteh in her new blond hair.  Read more:

It’s all about having super powers these days. Whether you are a Marvel Comic or Katy Perry, whose super powers have catapulted her into the stratosphere, even with that noose (husband) around her neck, or a graduate of Hogwarts. The fact remains, no super powers, no fame. And in the case of HBO’s True Blood, you have to be a witch or a warlock, a shape shifter or a vampire, because being a regular human means nothing these days. Even in politics there are super things. Take this newly suggested Super Congress, set to determine all of our fates by… Read More »

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