Breaking Newzzz: Black Friday

Nov 23, 2012Breaking Newzzz

These people who trample are gross and fucked up.

Black Friday? Fotz. For some reason all these psychotic idiots are the lead story on just about every website. I call that Breaking Newzzz. Earth to retailers, Black Friday is not breaking news. It is a reality check on how horrendous people are because it’s all about a gaggle of insane shoppers. People who would rather give up spending quality time with their loved ones to camp out on a line in an effort to get the latest toy for their brat, or designer dud for their bitch, or whatever. All this does is shine  the light on how depressed we are as a nation that objects bring joy rather than the intimacy of others and in some cases shopping is even worth dying for.

Black Friday brings our the worst in everybody along with injury and death. For instance, some douche bag at a Sears in San Antonio apparently pulled out a gun in an effort to cut in line. While a “gang fight” reportedly broke out at Woodland Shopping Mall in Michigan.


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