Breaking Newzzz

Jun 21, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Kim Kardashian had a quickie Engagement party at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. And this cupcake sponsor was right in there.

Anna Sophia Berglund is Hugh Hefner's newest piece. Can we all brech together? (Brech = vomit in Yiddish)

Vanessa Minnillo (WHO?!?) had a Bachelorette Party in Vegas sponsored by Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan. And it is reasons like that that our society is in the klinker.

Tragic nut bag and total addict face Brooke Mueller is caught on camera saying that she is missing Charlie Sheen. Takes a Gross Baboon to miss a Gross Baboon. (Click image to view scene on insanity, or a desperate attempt at a reality show.)

Congratulations to Debbie Reynolds for selling that old schmatta for 5.5 million buckaroos. She deserves every penny she gets form the sale of her Hollywood Collection. I love her.

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