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If the bridge fits...

“Time for some traffic problems in Fart Lee” reminds me of the “shot heard round the world”.… Read More »

Uganda be kidding me and Chelsa Handler.

Uganda Be Kidding Me is more than just the title of Chelsea Handler’s new book. The law of the land in Uganda makes homosexuality a crime, punishable by life in prison. And that is the good news. The original bill was for gays to be put to death. Then you wonder why there is no Uganda Fashion Week. One can only imagine how hideous the interiors are in that country. Imagine a land with man caves as living rooms, complete with bulky leather couches and over-sized recliners with holders for beer cans. Naturally this is no laughing matter, but what… Read More »

Sung to the tune, What I Did For Love from A Chorus Line.

Kiss my ass goodbye.
The sweetness and the sorry.
Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla….
What I did for Lent, what I did for lent.… Read More »

Our Mothers, Our Fathers.

Our Mothers, Our Fathers is a mini-series in Germany that The New York Times asserts is trying to “airbrush” a particular time in history, that lovely era when the Nazis were in full bloom. When you think about Nazi regalia, thigh-high leather boots, jodhpurs and cropped jackets adorned with heavy metal pins and colorful emblems that today we would coo if that same ensemble came waltzing down a fashion runway in Paris as opposed to storming into your home. No one was safe back then in Europe, unless of course you were blond and organized. What we now call OCD… Read More »


Here’s the thing about going through your third midlife crisis: If you are going to do it, do it while living at the home of Carrie Fisher. On the eve of my scheduled return from Los Angeles to New York—which I had escaped in January in order to: A) Completely avoid the winter weather, and B) Deal with Midlife Crisis #3—I paid a visit to Carrie. As always, I was met with a warm greeting, and we sat on the bed chatting, catching up, and catching fire. The rumors had just begun to swirl about the original Star Wars “Dream… Read More »


August Osage County just might be the worst movie of the year. Since her royal highness Meryl Streep is the film’s star, no one will say boo and admit that I am 100% right. This loud, talky, ensemble nightmare features a dream cast but the problem is each character is so unlikeable that the only person you root for is yourself. Why? Because you begin to take pity for the fact that you did not walk out of the movie at the first sign that everyone is yelling. But then again you couldn’t because you were frozen in shock from… Read More »